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The Stormy Seas Necklace for the Free Spirits, the Wild Souls. For the lovers of rough seas, huge waves and a thunderous wind which exhilarates and makes you feel alive.
With a sterling silver swirl representing the swell of the waves and the fierce wind, this necklace also has a small pebble, which itself has been made smooth by the action of the water and the sand, and a carefully selected piece of sea glass which has previously been tumbling about in the ocean for years.
Due to the unique nature of sea glass and pebbles these photos are a representation of the style and colour of the necklace. The colours, sizes and shapes of the sea glass and pebbles will differ. We celebrate this as we believe it is these differences which make your jewellery one of a kind and therefore unique to you. We carefully select each piece of sea glass and pebble for each order. If you have any questions or any particular requests we will be more than happy to have a chat and will do our best to accomodate you with our available stock.

Stormy Seas Necklace

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